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My Technology Overview & Software Stacks / Frameworks

MEAN Stack

The modern framework stack that consists of MongoDB, Express, AngularJs, NodeJs! It is considered the delfacto standard in modern web app development

Ruby on Rails

Ruby language with the standard Rails/Sinatra framwork is a sold rapid web app develpment framework. A very sold way to get the project up and running quicly and with the most modern features. Full featured and rapid solid development. Ideal for any project from corporate to ecommerce.

Mobile iOS

What can be side other than any company or idea for a mobile app needs to be on this platform. Billions of iPhones and iPads are in use.

Google Android

This is the most popular mobile operation system in existance. Along with having the app on the Apple Store you need to have the app on Google Play Store. With a magnitude greater number of phones and devices. This is a must have platform.

Development and Hosting of the REST API backend

You need to have a backend feeding the web app and mobile applications. I am a full service shop that will provide you with the best backend intergration and API.

Made With Love

I do not outsource my work. I build, test and support everything I build. So you know who you are talking to and what you get.

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The Plan and Approach

I have embarked on a whole new approach to making the ubiquitous app process simple and affordable.

It's now easy and affordable to have an App on the marketplace for both Apple and Google Android!

I am venturing on a new way of sharing the costs associated with developing a modern sophisticated Mobile App and the necessary associated back end platform by having what is known as "skin in the game". What does this mean?  In short by becoming a tech partner with your venture.

Bottom line is that you get to share in the potential success of the App and Brand with the amount of investment that you feel comfortable

My passion...

I serve that small business that like to dream big.
I believe small business as well as large corporations deserve great web and mobile software.
Your ideas with our new investment friendly apps platform.  It's a total win!


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